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Dry Felting Tools

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Felting tools

We make a range of dry felting hand tools holding up to 8 needles.
The tools are in two parts, a turned, easy to hold, handle. and a needle holder made from strong birch plywood. The two parts are held together by a stainless steel screw tightened at the top of the tool.
The tools come in beech as standard, or in a variety of hardwoods, including mahogany and olive wood.

Felting tool stands

Matching stands are available to hold the felting tools, which keep the needles (and your fingers!) safe, and also hold the base of the felting tool to allow needles to be changed safely.

The base is designed to hold either the complete tool, or the needle holder only to allow safe changing of needles.
Two sets of holes for needle storage are included so needles taken out of the tool can be put straight into the holder.

The holder has a solid back and a clear plastic front.

The felting tools hold from 4 to 8 needles, and are supplied with 1 set of 8 needles in a choice of sizes 19 (coarse) or 36 (fine).


If needles are included, please specify size - 19 or 36
Beech Felting tool with needles (specify needle size) 18.50
Hardwood Felting tool With set of needles (specify needle size) 20.00
Stand with Beech felting tool and needles (specify needle size) 28.50
Stand with Hardwood felting tool and needles (specify needle size) 30.00
Spare set of 8 needles (specify needle size) 4.00
Stand for single tool 14.50
Stand for 2 tools 17.50